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Mama's Postpartum Box

Mama's Postpartum Box

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Our focus is on mama by ensuring you are making her the priority that she needs to be during her postpartum stage. Mamas are often forgotten about and is not prepared for what's to come when coming home from the hospital. You were there once before. Remember?

The most common phrases we hear are "where were you back then?" or "I wish I had these!". Hence why we have developed a solution for the need.

Mama's Postpartum Gift Box is beautifully curated to address mamas care needs. Mama's Postpartum Gift Box is packed with full sized postpartum items mama will need and use. Right here is the bomb diggity gifts of all gifts! Mama doesn't need anymore onesies, another blanket that sits in the closet, or those oh so adorable baby shoes that always fall off (don't get us wrong, we are an absolute sucker for baby shoes!)

Mama's Postpartum Gift Box is curated with

  • Ease the Girls: for breast infection/mastitis
  • Disposable Mesh Undies: these will be her new best friend during the bleeding process
  • Fresh Cleanse Pads: relieves itching, burning, irritation caused by hemorrhoids due to the birthing process
  • Hydration Bottle: it can be difficult remembering to stay hydrated post birth
  • Off to La La Land:«_spritz a couple drops on a pillow and she'll be seeing ZZZZ's in no time
  • Padsicles: ultimate trifecta for those glorious days of heavy bleeding and sensitive areas after birth
  • Peri Bottle: sanitary wash for her oh so tender vaginal area
  • Sanity Awaits: roller bottle with calming essential oils allowing mama to take a moment for herself to renew«_
  • Sitz Bath: another way for mama to care for her undercarriage.«_Bonus, it allows her the opportunity for time alone

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