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Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag

Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag

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Every mama packs a bag for delivery day. Now, she gets start her postpartum recovery on the right track by packing Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag with her delivery day essentials. Mama gets the necessary postpartum care right in her recovery room - no matter where she delivers.

Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag is Mama's Postpartum Gift Box in travel size!

Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag includes:

  • Sitz Bath
  • Ease the Girls
  • Padsicle
  • Sanity Awaits
  • Off to La La Land
  • Hydration Bottle
  • Sweet Treat
  • A beautifully handmade keepsake zippered bag

A fun element - there are limited quantity of Bags in each fabric pattern. They will always be changing. In fab fashion, they will continue to be in our favorite purple hues. These are nice for the fact that mama can keep her travel sized postpartum necessities tucked discretely away. It looks like a makeup bag to anyone that does not know.

Here are just a few ideas of how to travel with Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag:

  • Carry in diaper bag
  • In a purse
  • The BEST one - pack in delivery day bag!

Mama's Postpartum Hospital Bag makes for a perfect gift! Together, lets put the focus and care back on mama.

  • Baby shower / Virtual Baby shower
  • From Grandma-to-be
  • From Daddy-to-be
  • Nesting party
  • From sister, coworkers, neighbors...

_Ê_*Mama's Postpartum Bag works as a pre-ordered item. BEST TIME to purchase is 4-6 weeks prior to Mamas due date to ensure mama receives her postpartum care essentials before going into labor.

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